Spencer Rattler’s dad drops truth bomb on son’s Oklahoma future

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After struggling mightily to get the offense going against Texas in Week 6, Oklahoma Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley benched starting quarterback Spencer Rattler in favor of Caleb Williams. Williams was brilliant and Rattler has sputtered at times throughout the year. Williams’ performance for the Sooners against the...

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Jerry Holuby

When I heard he was charging for autographs.I knew he done got the big head and sure enough. Haven't seen leadership at all from him . Have to be a leader at quarterback

Kenneth Motes

Rattler didn't just get benched for a freshman he was benched for freshman Williams who didn't even play his senior year in highschool; which shows me Riley had no confidence in him. What makes this situation different from Tua and Hurts is Hurts was never considered a #1 pick so the switch was easier to TUA who was a superior prospect. I believe Rattler already sees himself as a "superstar" and that's the problem. Being given cars and money early will expose who's really dedicated to work and who's not.

Randy Miller

Sorry to inform everyone of this but Spencer Rattler is NOT a good college QB, A he will not be drafted into the NFL, if he transfers he better pick a school that doesn't have a QB already.


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