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Prices continue to rise—here's what's getting the most expensive

 2 days ago

Cover picture for the articleConsumers are paying a little bit more for just about everything than they did a month ago, and significantly more than they did for the same goods in 2020. The consumer price index, which measures changes in how much Americans pay for certain goods and services, rose 0.4% in September, the Labor Department reported Wednesday, driven largely by increases in food, shelter and gasoline. Year-over-year, prices increased 5.4%, the largest jump since January 1991.

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Mark Wade
2d ago

thanks democraps, it really doesn't help the seniors, but then you don't care about senior citizens, you just care about raising taxes!!

Doug Winders
2d ago

there doing an amazing job at bankrupting and destroying our country. what our the coward Republicans doing about it, absolutely nothing.

? What???
2d ago

EVERYTHING!!!! Thanks Democrats for voting in this zero….. under Trump, lower prices on everything, lower Taxes, lower inflation, closed Borders…… and LESS COVID DEATHS!!!


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