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Biden employer vaccine mandate could be finalized as early as next week

NBC News
NBC News
 2 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON — The Biden administration’s requirement that companies ensure workers are vaccinated or tested regularly for Covid could be finalized as early as next week, pending a final White House review, according to a person familiar with the process. The Labor Department said it had submitted the initial text of...

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mike guyton
2d ago

Having more people quitting or being fired is a surefire way to stimulate the economy. Just ask Brandon. #FJBMr. Potato Head has a higher IQ than the current POTUS

David N
2d ago

Sorry Communism Joe, will not take you mandated shot here! So if your so phobic about getting the Covid from a unvaccinated person.......stay in your basement!

2d ago

Because under 100 employees and Covid knows not to go there 🙄 Like bars/restaurants are just fine but at 10 pm Covid comes out 🤣 If you still don't see it enjoy communism!


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