Native Americans Are Not Who We Thought They Were, Study Finds


Cover picture for the articleA widely believed theory about the origins of Native Americans has been dealt a huge blow by a new genetic analysis of ancient teeth, implying the ancient inhabitants of what is now America were not who we thought they were. The theory, largely based on archaeological evidence found at...

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Cool Calm and Collected

What ever they were or weren’t doesn’t really matter here as it’s history. Keep tearing down statues, re-writing books, banning products and changing names, there will be no history of anything. Learn from the past and use that knowledge and maybe we wouldn’t be on the brink of losing what’s left of the best country that there is. Wake up America before it’s too late. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Juan Della garza

its amazing and pretty sad to me that this is not known and is like new news! more proof how dumbed down young people are now days .public schools are a total disaster. and college and universities are not far behind.


I'm native American and have blood rooted deep in trail of tears and direct descendant of Quana Parker.....ppl need to leave let be because history is history and is in the books because it happened and true...if u wanna be politically ppl were murdered for their land and still done wrong....what about native lives matter?


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