Fourth Stimulus Check Update: $2,000/Month Payment Petition Author Shifts Focus to Parents

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Stephanie Bonin, who created the $2,000-a-month stimulus check petition, doesn't understand why the push for the Child Tax Credit to become permanent hasn't "gone through the...

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Jane Zeestraten

I don't think it's fair that kids get the money and not everyone else who could really use it. And I don't think that the kids are getting the money anyway, because their parents are taking it away from them and spending it on themselves.

Toni Punton Harris

ook I'm all for the kids getting the stimulus I get it but what about the rest of us maybe if they gave us single ppl and those on society security disability and regular Americans that have jobs we like the money too smh

robinette baldwin

I work everyday, Bieber I struggle to pay my mortgage, taxes, putting food on the table, for transportation and regular living. I don't smoke, do drugs, or drink Alcohol on a daily basis. I don't want no allowance that I have to pay back. I want the U.S. government to pay all of the Americans of this country a stimulus check, those with, without kids, disabled or not, homeless as well! Hear us President Biden and the treasury! You voted to raise the debt ceiling for what to take care of other countries, but not your own! Help US‼️


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