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United Airlines Firing 232 Employees Who Refused Covid Vaccine, CEO Says

 3 days ago
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United Airlines is in the process of firing hundreds of employees who refused to get vaccinated against Covid-19, CEO Scott Kirby said Wednesday amid mounting controversy over vaccine mandates at major airlines. Key Facts. Speaking with CBS This Morning, Kirby said 99.7% of the Chicago-based airline’s 67,000 U.S. employees have...

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Ocie Mason
3d ago

The airline don't want to do that they've been forced to do this as well, I'm just confused on Why is it so important that everyone, Gets vaccinated Ya'll refuse to give us any information other than it's safe and effective, It's not a vaccine it's a synthetic antibody, After receiving both jab you still can catch Spread and die from it. Any scientist or celebrity or doctor who's not on government payroll and speaks out about this vaccine. They get criticized in the news, They're covering up the side effects and death From the vaccine, It's too early to tell long term side effects but the reaction people are getting from it now I'm pretty sure there are side effects down -the-line

Suzanne Sanchez
2d ago

absolutely ridiculous. why make ppl take a shot that doest work causes side effects and even death. those who WANTED the shot already got it. leave the rest of us alone. WE DONT WANT IT

3d ago

Who knows about long term side effects, NO-ONE!!! So some time in the future these fired pilots might have their jobs back when the vaxxed pilots all start having severe long term side effects.Let nature take its course.Thank you.


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