‘Big Sky’ Introduces Major Character Also Played by John Carroll Lynch

Last night on “Big Sky” we learned that Legarskis come in pairs. Somehow, it’s even better that way, too.

At the end of the series premiere last week, fans got a first glimpse at this new character. He was dancing in the kitchen to “Happy Together” before he goes and visits Ronald Pergman, who he has locked up in a shed. He’s got luscious long hair in a ponytail and wears glasses, but other than that, he’s the spitting image of our old friend Rick Legarski.

First Scene with Wolf Legarski on ‘Big Sky’

Fans can rest easy knowing that the evil Rick Legarski is in fact dead. His wife bludgeoned him to death in his hospital bed. Meanwhile, we now get to know the newest half of the Legarski brotherhood during the “Huckleberry” episode.

His name is Wolfgang “Wolf” Legarski and he is portrayed by John Carroll Lynch as well. In this week’s episode, we learn that Wolf takes an animalistic mentality to his life. Fittingly, Wolf lives life by abiding by the rules of a wolf pack. If you’re not a part of his “Big Sky” pack, you’re a part of the problem.

We finally also get to see Wolf and Ronald interact together. Wolf brings him breakfast to where he’s locked up. He requires him to ask nicely for the breakfast, but Ronald strongly declines. He eventually informs Ronald what his main mission is in all of this.

“It is my mission in life now to undo all the evil he unleashed on the world. And that starts with you,” Wolf said. The “he” that Wolf is referencing is his very evil and sadistic twin brother. Does this mean that Wolf is completely sane and not at all violent?

Well, not exactly. Wolf already has Ronald locked up so that he can’t escape. When he steps out of line, he gets smacked with a giant stick. He again tells Ronald that he is the alpha and that he’ll have to earn his way into this pack. The alternative is getting “put down,” which is not an uncommon occurrence on “Big Sky.”

Ronald and Scarlet

It doesn’t seem like Ronald is at all interested in giving into what Wolf is saying. That is, however, until he catches a glimpse of his murderous and loving other half, Scarlet. She is traipsing around and gardening with an older woman nearby. The two Bonnie and Clyde lovers have been separated since arriving at the farm. They can’t talk to each other or get near each other.

Apparently, Scarlet is doing a stellar job at fitting into the wolf pack and being a phenomenal house guest. That doesn’t quite sound like our Scarlet, though. We’ve seen what she’s willing to do in the past and it’s maybe best that she isn’t handed any sharp objects. Also, where is her son? He was a massive focal point of season one. During the season finale, Scarlet and Ronald break free from the group that saved them in order to go pick him up and bring him along.

“Big Sky” is bringing in a lot of new mystery and characters this season. Wolf Legarski’s character is amongst many that will evolve over the course of season two.

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