Khloé Kardashian Teaches Daughter True, 3, to Value Family 'No Matter What': 'Support One Another'


Cover picture for the articleKhloé Kardashian is passing down her family values. The Good American co-founder, 37, stars on the cover of Health's November 2021 issue, telling the magazine about raising daughter True, 3, to always put family first. "My family is glued to one another regardless, but with COVID and the lockdown,...

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Olivia Bouvier

With all the money you have, why don't you have about three tutors to teach her about economics, physics, languages... Now that would be impressive. You know nothing about life in your plastic world. You are very disrespectful to your mother on the first season of the show, that's why I didn't never watch it again. I hope your daughter pays you back a million times over you mean person.


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