I'm a Doctor and Here's When the COVID Pandemic Will End

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So, the big question on all inquiring minds today is when will the COVID-19 pandemic end? Let's face it, we all have been impacted in some way by this pandemic and although we have made huge strides in the war against COVID, we are still dealing with outbreaks both nationally and...

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ethical journalism

But Fauci said herd immunity was at 60% level. Did that lying little scamp not know what he was talking about. Hard to believe a guy who would lie to Congress would also lie to American citizens.


stop the vaccines and you'll stop spread in the covid stay in like Trump try to do a new beginning quarantine everybody and stay and for so many days I would say 28 days to be safe and then it should go away the people wouldn't do it like that when he was president they didn't respect him enough to listen to anything but Biden gets in and makes mandates and legalizes their vaccines it's all them been FDA-approved go figure the party that put them in there is behind it all not himself but the party the ones that's been doing world order for years trying to take over this world


all there have been a lot of movies out through the years and they weren't just a movie people knew what was coming and happening to me let it out there was a book published in 84 that even told about this what's going to happen in 2020 it's not about the vaccines they have out now that gives you the covid to try to build your immune system with a lot of people could never tolerate to get the covid put in their body like that. it's about getting the vaccine out that actually prevents the covid this was all trickery to spread it worse by putting the vaccine out with the covid in it people vaccinated are contagious for the first 14 days and it lays dormant in their body & can reactivate at any time. they had baby faces in it & microchips so people would have microchips in their body to torture them.


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