Robyn Brown Says Family is "Crumbling" in Stunning Sister Wives Preview

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Cover picture for the articleAs you very likely know by now, Sister Wives is about to return for a new season. However, TLC just released an extended trailer for upcoming episodes and now a rather pressing question must be asked:. Will the Browns ever be able to return to normal?. Or will years...

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Debora Clark

When Meri was catfished a few years back that was the final nail in the coffin for her and Kody. I believe Meri stayed in the family because her daughter was furious with her about the situation. Meri should part completely from the family. She has no part to play anymore so move on while you still have quality life to share with someone else. Same for Christine and Janelle. Kody just tolerates them but really has no desire to be in a commitment with them. It's been clear to anyone watching that his only desire is with Robyn. His real self has finally been seen in the past few seasons. Let Robyn have him. All the kids are either grown or old enough to understand

Linda Samples
28d ago

hope Merri does find someone that wants and loves her for a one on one relationship where she doesn't have to share him. She has put up with Kodys BS way too long. She can leave knowing that she tried and have her all and it didn't work. Time to go live your life and enjoy it.

Dianna Jo Bible

Weird. Just last season he had to buy a million dollar house with Robyn because there are no homes to rent in Flagstaff. Now 2 wives have sold their homes and at least 1 of them is living in a camper on that land? Then he's complaining that everyone is looking to Robyn for the answers! Kody when you allowed your favored wife to become head of the family you only have yourself to blame. Kody goes along with Robyn's wishes & keeps her happy, with all decisions, then gets upset that everyone bypasses him & goes straight to who everyone knows is really making the decisions...scratching my head here wondering how he could even ponder this. lol


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