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Presidential Election

Biden's approval rating has fallen. Pollsters say there's one way to bounce back.

NBC News
NBC News
 3 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON — The honeymoon is over. And the fading Republican support was inevitable. But Democrats are alarmed by President Joe Biden's decline in job approval among groups central to his base — most notably Black voters, Hispanics and women. Despite the slip in his job approval, Biden's economic agenda remains...

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3d ago

There ain’t no coming back from “Brandon’s” failures! Thanks for taking this once great country down the drain Joe! I just can’t believe you did all of this in 9 short months…

second amendment
3d ago

if the bill passes people you will be under communism and. you will not have meat to eat on your tables. He is putting out the ranchers. look into the bill people you will lose freedom and what you can eat ... how much of your freedom do you want to lose ... they want to look into your checking account but not theirs. and if his agenda passes how will that get the items at the dock. moving. Wake up People.

Kenneth Nardone
3d ago

His agenda is he's crazy and out to destroy everything good and decent. Wiping out what's left of the middle class is his only success so far


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