Video shows dog-lover flying 27 puppies in small plane to prevent them from being euthanised

The Independent
The Independent
A video of a woman and her friends flying 27 puppies to save them from being euthanised has gone viral (TikTok: @cassventures)

A video of a woman and her two friends flying 27 puppies crammed into a small plane to save them from being put down has gone viral.

The video was recorded by Cassandra Bergeron, who crammed the puppies into a small plane and flew them from Alabama to Florida, to save them from being euthanised.

The TikTok video has over 13.4 million views, according to a report in The Daily Mail. Captioned “Guess how many puppies we rescued?” the video shows Ms Bergeron sitting with a bunch of puppies next to the pilot, while her friends hold on to the other dogs in the back of the plane.

Speaking to Daily Paws, Ms Bergeron said she couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. “I was in pure bliss. I didn’t want to land,” she said.

The video was recorded on 29 September when Ms Bergeron and her friends were contacted by a pilot friend to rescue the puppies.

The women contacted Michael Young, a professor at University of Central Florida, who is also a pilot. Mr Young has rescued over 7,000 shelter dogs as a part of the Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights, reported The Daily Mail.

The video was recorded during their 45-minute flight from the animal shelter in Enterprise, Alabama, to Florida where the puppies were handed over to rescue volunteers who took them to shelters in Orlando.

All the puppies have been adopted since, reported Newsweek.

Many southern states in the US have been forced to euthanise animals in shelters due to overcrowding.

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Barbara Karls

awesome, looks like all are having fun and such lengths to save these babies is a miracle. thank you for your efforts. made my day seeing this😁😘😘

Cindy Teague

such a blessing. people putting time and money where its needed. this is a definite. yeeyee moment

Brenda Boorom

It's wonderful there are people in this world who have the humanity that messing now a days,thank you from my heart ❤


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