‘Chicago Fire’: Meet Kali Woodruff, the Wife of Matt Casey Actor Jesse Spencer

Whether he’s playing Captain Matt Casey on NBC drama, “Chicago Fire,” Dr. Robert Chase on Fox’s drama, “House,” or any other hit TV show or film, we can promise you the Australian actor behind the characters, Jesse Spencer, remains a cinematic heartthrob.

The “Chicago Fire” co-lead, Matt Casey, has launched a new, steamy relationship with the fire department’s lead medic, Sylvie Brett. And while this season promises to explore the pair as an exclusive couple, we’re here to provide the scoop on Spencer’s real-life love interest.

After several serious relationships throughout his acting career, Jesse Spencer wed his wife, Kali Woodruff, in 2020. According to Hello! magazine, Spencer met Woodruff at a music festival in 2014. Spencer holds his claim to fame on “Chicago Fire.”

Meanwhile, Woodruff works as a research scientist, bringing a unique professional dynamic to their relationship as a whole. The pair married in Woodruff’s hometown, Neptune, Florida. Afterward, Spencer shared a sweet tribute to his new wife.

“Despite a spike in COVID, a venue change, a Saharan dust plume, not to mention a torrential thunderstorm, we made it across the line on our wedding day, and I’m a very lucky man.”

We’re happy to hear Spencer’s marriage with Woodruff is going well. Although we’re even more interested to see where Matt Casey’s relationship heads with medic Sylvie Brett on “Chicago Fire.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Highlights Real-Life Non-Emergency Impact

At the moment, we’ve seen little of the off-duty relationship between Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett on “Chicago fire.” At least, not in the way we get perspective into Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd’s relationship. However, hopefully in time, we’ll see that character dynamic develop.

The new season of “Chicago Fire” has placed an emphasis on Casey and Brett’s relationship in the workplace. Scenes highlight their relationship both as colleagues and romantic partners. Last week’s latest episode put a major spotlight on Firehouse 51’s ongoing problems with “non-emergency” calls. The episode highlighted the impact they have on real emergencies. Showrunners previously revealed “Chicago Fire’s” plans to highlight the real-life issue in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans met the issue head-on. Brett and her partner, Violet, responded to an emergency call where the first ambulance saw delay. After dispatch calls Ambulance 61 in, Violet and Brett exchange worried glances implying the victim had waited much too long.

Upon arriving on the scene, they discover they were right. The young boy for whom the call was made lost too much blood, dying at the scene, his mother calling his cellphone lying next to his dead body.

The failed call aggravates Brett, who previously approached the Chief Medic about a plan to lessen the impact of non-emergency calls that put lives in danger. She’s ultimately shut down, concluding her shift on a rough note.

However, senior fireman Mouch puts his two cents in with the new chief, with whom he has influence, in an attempt to put Brett’s plan in to action. This week’s new episode hopefully sheds more light on the impact of nonemergency calls in real life and the ways in which first responders may get to actual emergencies more quickly.

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