Braves screwed over by umps on so-called ‘unreviewable’ play (Video)


Cover picture for the articleThe Brewers were given an out that they did not deserve, thus limiting the Braves scoring in the bottom of the fourth inning. Adam Duvall is very, very involved in the Braves miscues so far in Game 4, even if this one wasn’t remotely his fault. Duvall made a...

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Earl Collins

As I watched the play unfold, I was dumbfounded by the explanation the Umpire gave. First, the jumbo screen clearly showed the replay for everyone to see.Second, the Umpire said they were reviewing if the net or a fan was involved.Third, and best yet, the Umpire said the catch or lack there of was "unreviewable".Ok, so they Umpires can check to see if the netting assisted or if a fan was involved, but they cannot see if the ball bounced on the ground!!??!!The NFL does that to see if a catch is a catch or a ground bounce. Why can't the MLB?


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