I became a ‘trans widow’ after my husband became a woman

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleSitting in the Manhattan office of her then-husband’s gender counselor, Karen Ranney was taken aback by the suggestion that the couple’s love life would dramatically improve once he transitioned into a woman. “She mentioned various methods and equipment we could use,” the 64-year-old mother of two told The Post....

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Good Dude

That's exactly correct. The alphabet people refuse to listen on the damage that selfish behavior like sex change causes to families. If you lived long enough to marry and have children, I'm sure you can toughen up and deal with your gender dysphoria, instead of expecting everyone to accept to something they never agreed on.

Brendan R

I'm not surprised by the therapist. They care more about bringing people over to their agenda than the concerns of straight people. If you're not willing to be with your spouse - whom you married as a straight person of opposite gender - after they became trans: why then you must be a transphobe! What a horrible person you are for not changing your entire sexual orientation to support their delusional identity!

Little Mouse

That’s so sad. I can’t imagine what I would do but I know I would not stay in that marriage. I would want no contact ever again.


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