Healthcare Workers on Why They Refuse to Get Vaccinated

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Cover picture for the articleYou probably don’t have to go too far out of your way to see an anti-vaccine protest. Workers and ordinary citizens are up in arms over the Biden administration’s decision to mandate the shot for corporations with more than 100 employees. But you may also see providers wearing full...

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CubanAmerican Patriot

“You were okay with me holding your mom’s hand when she was cold and scared before surgery. You were okay with me doing compressions on your dad’s chest when we were trying to save his life. You were okay with me handing a drill to a doctor that was putting your leg back together after you crashed after you decided to drive drunk. You were okay with me helping the surgeon open your friend’s abdomen when they were injured during the riots. You were okay with me helping wash your brother’s infected wounds from his constant drug use. You were okay with me helping remove your grandma’s skull in order to help the doctor stop the bleeding from when she fell. You were okay with me assisting in the wonderful gift of life and the c-section of your daughter. You were okay with me help remove the cancer in your uncle’s lung. You were okay with me wearing the same mask that was riddled with contamination day in and day out in order to perform my job in the operating room. You were okay with me hav


I don't blame you health care workers stick to what you believe in and protect yourselves from the Covid shots that's a death jab..My prayers are with you all. God bless everyone!❣❣❣

patriot proud

The vaccinated that get excited about people quitting their jobs because of the mandate have know clue. Doctors, nurses, truck drivers and warehouse workers that load trucks with food are quitting. If we don't stand together, we ALL will fall. We have taken our freedom for granted and we will loose it all because we all want to judge. None of us will win.


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