Kim Kardashian wins $60M Kanye West-designed marital home in divorce

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleA day after Kanye West listed one of his Wyoming ranches, he also said goodbye to the Hidden Hills home he had shared with Kim Kardashian. New documents filed in the Los Angeles County Court Tuesday show that Kim will get the $60 million house they’d built together. Sources...

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Eric Quinn

they bought a 60 million dollar house? if I had that kind of money I'd be building schools, food banks, treatment centers for homeless people, and so much more. idk how you can own a 60 million dollar property lol what does that house have that a 2 million dollar home doesn't?

Jayne Steiner

I cant imagine a place with no color and art on my walls . I need gorgeous things on tables. I need a pop of color with great area rugs. I could stand that place for maybe a day but I'm happy for her if she loves it. love you Kim.

Kathy Danz

is there a photographer that follows the Kardashian's around all the time? Every day there's new photos of them posing, wearing next to nothing


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