Legendary Jazz Player Karl Malone Announces Partnership With Utah Food Bank

Karl Malone #32 of the Utah Jazz during the game on April 1, 2003. Photo: Getty Images

Karl Malone , legendary Utah Jazz player , announced a lifetime partnership with the Utah Food Bank on Monday, reported 2 KUTV .

Malone, a Louisiana native, flew into Utah after saying he had a "life-changing" announcement for the food bank. Malone and his wife, Kay, hosted a press conference for the announcement in Heber where they are building a home.

According to Ginette Bott , president and CEO of the Utah Food Bank, said that Malone donated to the food ban k in the past. His previous donations include a tractor and semi trailer. According to both Bott and Malone, the partnership is "finishing what they started."

Malone said, "I want to end hunger in Utah and Louisiana. Those are the places we're going to start first."

Malone plans to gather food donations at Karl Malone Group locations, including auto dealerships in Utah.

Watch Malone's announcement below.

Malone said he knows now is the time to help. He said, "I just talked to Miss Ginette, and I want to be serious here. She's got tears in her eyes, and she said, 'I don't know how you knew, but we're hurting.'"

Malone said he's happy to be "home" after leaving for 18 years. He said, "I came here to Utah as a broken individual, and you guys accepted me," he said. "It has nothing to do with Jazz — I feel at home."

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