A Famous Actor Who Went To School With Meghan Markle Reveals What She Is Really Like

Cover picture for the articleBefore becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle initially rose to prominence through her time in Tinseltown. Starring as Rachel Zane in USA Network's "Suits," the former actor appeared in the show's first seven seasons before uprooting her life for royalty. She has also made appearances in prominent programs such as...

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Smh M.

Megan will do anything to get attention. I think she married Harry just for attention and to be in the spotlight. She had no intention of following the rules of the British monarchy or to even fulfill her duties as part of that family!! Megan is all about Megan...she will ditch Harry soon I feel. I wish Harry would see thru her!

GodBless America

Another boring article written by her PR team that she hired to publish articles about her daily to try to. keep her relevant in the news.

Texas Doctor

I do not see her as attractive, at all. What’s the fuss about this, narrow eyed, waif ? She’d have to pay me to get laid


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