Tony Dungy Getting Criticized For What He Said About Jon Gruden

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The Spun
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Former NFL head coach turned NBC analyst Tony Dungy is facing some criticism on social media for what he said about Jon Gruden on Sunday night. Sunday evening, both Dungy and NBC announcer Mike Tirico – who worked with Gruden at ESPN – addressed the now-former Las Vegas Raiders head...

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Epsteins Necktie

It's the witch hunt that never ends..sifting thru people's private E mails from decades ago to find any infractions..Every public figure should delete all their social media accounts and history..problem solved

El American

Yes it's funny how cancel culture forced Gruden to resign, when he only used words 10 years ago, but Hillary's email more than likely cause the death of our service men, which was a grave crime compared to words that did not harm anyone 10 yrs ago.

Rick Garcia

Now Im wondering if gruden could sue the media that leaked this info.. For a newspaper to have access to discussions he had with a Gm 10 years ago... Something seems way off base there.


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