MTV reality show star, 25, stabbed to death

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A reality television star has died as a result of a stabbing incident over the weekend in California, according to a news report. TMZ is reporting that Chris Pearson, 25, who was a contestant on MTV’s “Ex...

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I bet he was white! Uh uh I bet he was black! Uh uh I bet he was red! Uh uh I bet he was brown! Come on people get over the skin color war!!! We are all children of GOD and someone dies every few minutes because of the color of his skin it’s so bogus!!!! I am classified white but my greatgreat grandfather was full blooded Cherokee! My granddaughters Dad is black so I have a granddaughter who is black,white and red and I love her dearly and it has absolutely nothing to do with color😡 How about we just all call it the HUMAN RACE and stop the bickering!!! Love everyone and if you can’t do that be nice and quit trying to mold everyone into what YOU THINK is CORRECT❣️

Paula Ashley Black

I wonder if the culprit has been caught? How horrible. I'm sorry for his loss. Best wishes to his many family, friends and fans


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