Michael Jordan Reveals Thoughts on NBA Vaccine Mandate


With players like Kyrie Irving refusing to get vaccinated, and ultimately being forced to miss games as a result, the NBA has been under a microscope as it pertains to COVID-19 protocols. While the league itself has not issued a vaccine mandate, it is acting in compliance with local markets like New York City and San Francisco that have.

While differing opinions on this topic are more prevalent than ever, one of the NBA's most influential voices finally broke his silence on the league's current situation. When asked if he is concerned with the NBA's COVID protocols, NBA legend Michael Jordan said, "Not at all. I am total in unison with the league. Everybody's been speaking about the vaccinations, and I'm a firm believer in science, and I'm going to stick with that."

With anti-science conspiracy theories damaging the conversation surrounding vaccines, Michael Jordan is standing alongside the professionals who have dedicated their lives to this practice. Jordan joins fellow Hall of Fame member Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as one of the most recent NBA legends to speak out in support of scientists and medical professionals.

Kareem spoke at length about those in the NBA who refuse to get vaccinated, when he told Rolling Stone that "There is no room for players who are willing to risk the health and lives of their teammates, the staff and the fans simply because they are unable to grasp the seriousness of the situation or do the necessary research. What I find especially disingenuous about the vaccine deniers is their arrogance at disbelieving immunology and other medical experts. Yet, if their child was sick or they themselves needed emergency medical treatment, how quickly would they do exactly what those same experts told them to do?”

Between Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and several others throughout the NBA who have sided with science, the league has received a positive response to their handling of COVID-19 protocols. Those who continue to oppose the advice of scientists and medical professionals are currently a vocal minority.

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Roy Pierce

funny thing about science is it's always changing to whoever the highest bidder is. just today they no longer recommend people take aspirin for heart prevention unless your this age and ask doctor first. how about how smoking was good for ya 70 yrs ago. come on people!

ramblin Man

somebody should ask him if all those little kids working in the sweatshops making his expensive shoes lining his pockets have been vaccinated!

LeRoc The World

I’m still trying to figure out how one fights for “my body my choice” but take this experimental shot or else suffer the consequences…🙄


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