Trump’s 'coup 2.0': Obama lawyer warns 45 may sue National Archives in effort to withhold WH docs


Cover picture for the articleAs the GOP doubles down on Donald Trump’s “big lie,” the second highest-ranking Republican in the House,...

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The Natural

Let him sue whoever he wants. Eventually everything will come out concerning his dealings with Russia and the January insurrection. His legacy will be that of a man who tried to overthrow our countries Democracy

It's all good!

It must be some truth to the documents if he's willing to go as far as he's going to stop them from being released. I truly believe this is the breaking point to all the evil deals, speaking etc. There comes a time when evil must come to an end, and no matter who you know, what contacts you think you may have, cannot stop your destiny-- he has to pay for all evil deeds. God I pray that you will intervene as Trump and all who is willing to follow his evil ways receive what has been stored up for them, but most of all salvation for their souls!

Patty Rivette

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! means they have the right to ask questions and recieve an answer on it if he is not compitant enough to answer a few questions,how is he compitant enough to make decissions about our country?


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