Lala Anthony Speaks Publicly About Her Divorce For The First Time: ‘It Got Bad’


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Lala Anthony is known for keeping her private life very private, so much so that fans have never heard the television personality and actress speak publicly about her split from Carmelo Anthony… that is until now.

In an interview with Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez, Lala finally opened up about her divorce, explaining why she kept it private for so long and how the split made her feel. “It’s been years now since then,” she explained. “Like, to a lot of people it feels like this single thing is new like it’s been years now that we’ve separated.  So I’ve dealt with the emotions behind it and I still have my moments but for the most part, I can talk about it now and laugh about it and find the humor in it all, otherwise, I would be a basket case. I already went through that. I already went through that part.”

Angie then asked Lala if she was really bad during that time, to which Lala nodded and replied, “I was bad because it was public. I was bad because there were other people involved. I was bad because there were allegations. It got bad,” she told the radio host.

Lala then explained why she kept it a secret for so long and only now decided to open up about her experience. “And you know, I’m not a person that ever puts my business on social media. I’ve never talked about it but you’re my friend and I’m comfortable,” she told the radio host. “But it’s like so many times you do want to say, ‘Oh you guys really wanna know what happened? You wanna hear it from me?’ But you hold it in and it’s like, ‘Oh La’s doing good and she looks good on the ‘Gram,’ But, it’s like Nah, that s***t  really hit me hard.”

Check out the interview below.

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Beauties, what do you think about Lala’s decision to publicly speak on her divorce? By sharing her experience, Lala might have just helped someone else who’s going through the same thing right now.

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Don't keep talking about your husband move on he was not ready to settle for one woman.why did he mess around?

William Hearne

Is this one of those let me see if I matter articles? As you can see, you broke the bored barrier. Only one person tried to make it gossip. Everyone else wants to know why you didn't just move on. Because you're marriage problems are irrelevant.

truth or friends

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