Jurgen Klopp Goes The Extra Measure To Get Liverpool Winning Trophies


Liverpool are using neuroscience experts to help improve Liverpool's set pieces.

Mind over matter

Dr Niklas Hausler and Patrick Hantschke of neuro11 joined Liverpool to teach the Liverpool's players to be mentally sharp when coming to set pieces.

Aiming to be one step in front of the opposition is always something Klopp will be looking into.
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This case is no different. Set pieces have become very important to Liverpool in recent years and Klopp will want to continue that.

Any edge that Liverpool can get over opponents can can nothing wrong. Especially when it's based on a strong point like set pieces.

The two experts have had their say on why their expertise is so beneficial:

“This is the next frontier in athletic performance,”

“The physical side in football has almost been maxed out. These guys are super fit. The next step really is to directly train the brain."

They understand why fans are sceptical

“When you have something new that promises big results people are always sceptical."

“But the starting point for explaining what we do is that we’ve all experienced either in sports or in daily life that sometimes we’re more in the flow, more in the zone, than at other times.”

LFCTR Verdict

Why not? If it gives us an extra edge over any opposition then I'm happy. I trust Klopp in everything he does and this is no different.

It will be interesting to see what impact it has on the players and if it works.

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