Scientists looked at more than 100,000 studies and found the world has a giant climate-crisis blind spot

Cover picture for the articleScientists using artificial intelligence to sift through around 100,000 climate studies were trying to put a number on how many people in the world were already experiencing the impacts of the climate crisis. Instead, they discovered something else: there is a worrying inequality in the world of climate science....

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Wm S

Climate on earth has been changing for eons, before humans existed. Look at the geological record. Clean air YES Climate interference NO.

Sakis Psinakis

What I find weird is that I've been going to the same Greek Island since I was 6 months old. The weather has been the same and basically I remember years that it was hotter and more unstable. In NYC it's same story...yes the climate is changing but just because they burnt all our forests this summer doesn't mean that the temperature rose because of something man made...yes the fires were man made but from whom is the question. I love renewables and clear air for my health but they are pushing this to the extremes. They used to say we will destroy the environment in 5000 years, then it was 3,000 then it was 1,000...then 500 and now they are saying we have 5 years...I mean seriously?

James Whitcomb

Global cooling in the 70s (never happened), global warming in the late 90s (never happened), so the nitwits went with “climate change”.


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