Tua Tagovailoa’s trainer goes off on Miami Dolphins, says quarterback deserves better

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Tua Tagovailoa’s trainer recently took to Twitter and blasted the Miami Dolphins, saying that the “team is bad” and Tagovailoa “deserves better.”. Tagovailoa has been sidelined for several weeks with a rib injury that he suffered in Week 2. However, he is reportedly on track to return in Week...

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they may have won one game with him in there guarantee you he will be hurt again because he's made of glass he scared he looks scared doesn't take chances doesn't run when he's supposed to it's time to get someone smarter stronger and bigger in there and it is not Jacoby brissett either

Marching 100

Tua is selfish and a diva. He doesn't care anything about the team and really don't want any other quarterback to succeed. You never see him sitting or conversing with Brisset or any other quarterback of what he see from the sideline or what can work better on the field.


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