Is $1,400 Stimulus Check For Social Security Recipients Likely To Happen? Senior Citizen Group Urges Congress To Support Proposal

Cover picture for the articleThe American Rescue Plan provided many people with a $1,400 stimulus check in March. But, at this point, the chances of a fourth stimulus check in the near future are slim. This is because the economy has improved dramatically in the last six months, making the case for extensive help more...

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Dawn Roberts Irwin

Senior might get COLA but they take in taxes or paying higher payments for medical. So whoopy about getting a raise. They find a way to take it. I really would like to see them live on $800.00 a MONTH

Lynn Hamilton

I don't think the economy has improved that much especially because prices for everything have gone Sky High. And people on Social Security can barely make it because of that. it is ludicrous how much they are charging for gas in for food in the grocery stores now. Talk about price gouging.

Stephanie Frazier

please don't call IRS with that number Jane is giving. The bill hasn't been passed by The Congress or The Senate. She is a SCAM PROBABLY PEOPLE FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY GETTING YOUR INFORMATION. BE CAREFUL FOLKS!


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