More vaccinated people are getting hospitalized with COVID-19, but unvaccinated still make up the majority

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PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Pennsylvania is seeing an uptick in vaccinated people being hospitalized with COVID-19. But the same PA Dept of Health report showed unvaccinated people still accounted for 74% of the 4,989 hospitalizations over the last month amidst the highly contagious delta variant. Pennsylvania leaders said the uptick...

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Israel study from months ago should majority of Covid cases is the hospitals are from the vaccinated. UK study shows that for every 100,000 people, vaccinated in all age groups over 30 years old make up the majority of cases as well. These numbers are climbing the more we vaccinate. The more we vaccinate the more mutations occur. Stop with the vaccines already.


.How does it make sense that they’re absolutely ignoring the fact that, in America, we now have over 14,000 reports of deaths from the [COVID] ‘vaccine’ and no one is investigating it? No one’s doing anything. In the years before this, if a vaccine had more than 20 or 30 [deaths], and certainly over 100, it would be a catastrophe.Now we have a vaccine that has more deaths than all the other vaccines put together. How can we ignore that?

Susan Chiarotti

bull!!!!! my son works at 2 hospitals, and,both are,filling with vaccinated people with the VARIANTS!!! And he said if you die, or get Covid-19 within 2 weeks of getting VACCINATED, YOU ARE,CONSIDERED UNVACCINATED!!


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