Star Trek Discovery: Fans have mixed reactions for season 4 which introduces The Ferengi in new trailer

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The Independent

The trailer for Star Trek : Discovery’s fourth season has been released online, prompting mixed reactions from fans.

In the trailer, Michael Burnham, played by actor Sonequa Martin-Green , is seen operating as the new captain of Discovery, following her promotion at the end of season three.

According to the synopsis, the fourth season will see the Discovery’s crew dealing with a massive anomaly that threatens life throughout the galaxy, putting Federation and non-Federation worlds alike at risk.

The crisis forces all the various worlds to work together to confront the unknown and ensure a hopeful future for all.

The trailer also introduces The Ferengi, who are warp-capable humanoid species from the planet Ferenginar in the Star Trek universe.

While some fans have shown great excitement after the trailer’s release, with many claiming that they “cannot wait”, others aren’t impressed by the same “universe-ending phenomenon” in the show.

“I’m so buzzing for this. [It’s] been too long since last season. I will have my munchies at the ready for episode one,” a person wrote on Twitter.

“Oh wow, another big apocalyptic threat, Michael being the centre of attention and big long-winded speeches full of empty platitudes. Good to see you’re taking bold chances this season,” wrote one unimpressed fan.

Another person suggested: “Galaxy-ending plot again? Why not something more light-hearted? Character-driven episodes, malfunctioning holodecks, first contact, diplomacy issues, day-to-day operations, etc.”

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery followed the crew of the USS Discovery as they travel to the future, over 900 years after the events of Star Trek: The Original Series .

Season four of Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on 18 November on Paramount Plus in the US, and on Netflix in 190 other countries, including the UK.

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