Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has been labelled with the most unwanted tag in sport - but there was to be no fourth-quarter heartbreak in London this time for the 36-year-old

Cover picture for the articleIt’s the tag every sportsman dreads. For all the hard work and dedication, all the victories and adulation, one dreaded moment can earn you that most...

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eddie woods

Why would.anyone want Ryan. he is old, at best a back up. THE FALCONS BEAT TWO OF NYC WORST NFL TEAMS.. THEY GET KNOW POINTS FOR THAT.

Paul Klinger

everyone wants to blame Ryan but he puts the points on the board, where is the rest of the team to stop the other team from putting up more. atlantas defense blew the superbowl and have blown these comeback games. Ryan isn't even on the field for most of these comebacks it's the defense


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