Kim Kardashian Drafts Kris, Khloé & More for Star-Studded 'SNL' Debut


Kim Kardashian, pictured above triumphantly entering the "SNL" after-party early Sunday, had a lot to celebrate about her debut as a host of the show.

Kardashian killed with her take-no-prisoners monologue and did well in a variety of sketches, including playing Jasmine in an "Aladdin" spoof (including a kiss from Pete Davidson), as a ditzy Lotto drawing announcer, and, in a cut-for-time sketch, as a member of a painfully try-hard teen group auditioning for a Costco deal.

In the night's most instantly iconic sketch, Kardashian played her sister Kourtney as an apathetic judge on "The People's Kourt."

In the first case, Khloé Kardashian showed up to play herself, suing Kim (played by a masked Heidi Gardner).

Next, Kris Jenner was on hand as herself suing her daughters Kylie (Melissa Villaseñor) and Kendall (musical guest Halsey). Kris was suing Kylie for not having her baby fast enough and Kendall "because she has absolutely no drama... and it's damaging our brand."

"I'm a Jenner, not a Kardashian," Kendall said, to which Kris replied, "And that's something you need to work on, honey."

The show also featured Chris Redd as Kanye West, Kenan Thompson as O.J. Simpson, Pete Davidson as Machine Gun Kelly and Chloe Fineman as Megan Fox.

The most star-studded sketch was a "Bachelorette" parody called "The Dream Guy." In it, Kim played a woman choosing between Tyler Cameron, Chris Rock, Blake Griffin, Chace Crawford, Jesse Williams, John Cena... and a dork named Zeke played by Kyle Mooney.

As a bisexual surprise, Amy Schumer emerged as a producer Kim's character also crushed on!

The show's celebrity factor didn't stop there — Halsey enlisted legendary rocker Lindsey Buckingham to accompany her on "Darling," also performing "I Am Not a Woman, I'm a God."

Twitter reactions to Kim's work were largely positive, with viewers expressing surprise at how well she did on her first try.

Watch all the sketches here!

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