Deontay Wilder makes statement after Tyson Fury KO loss: ‘He came to lean on me’

Cover picture for the articleComing into their third fight, Tyson Fury was the big odds favorite to beat Deontay Wilder — a -285 favorite to be precise, over Wilder’s +225 dog status. But, everyone who knows Wilder knows you can never count him out. He’s lost every round in a fight only to come back...

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Me and Your Mama

I wanted Deontay to win. But the reality is that Tyson had a strategy to beat Wilder and that strategy paid off. It's not illegal to use your weight to tire out your opponent. Tyson is the bigger fighter and he clearly used that to his advantage. Deontay should have sparred with someone who had the same measurements as Fury. That would at least have prepared him and perhaps given him the stamina and endurance needed to have the energy that he needed. Wilder showed heart, but he loss.


I watched the fight. Fury lost his balance and was pulled down in the 4th. Wilder took the nap on the floor 😂 It was a great fight by both fighters. Wilder is a no class big mouth as usual.

Marvin Kennedy

I feel it was a fairly good fight and for Wilder to say Fury only came to lean on him and said I still Don't respect you plus he wouldn't shake the man hand shown me Wilder inmature and have alot of growing up to do 💯


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