US To See First Blockbuster Snowstorm Of Season; Here's Long-Range Outlook For Region

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The first blockbuster snowstorm of the 2021-22 season in the US is expected early this week, with up to two feet of the white stuff predicted for parts of the Rockies.

But meanwhile, here in the Northeast, we're off to an exceptionally warm start to October.

In fact, through the first eight days of the month, It's been about four degrees above normal, according to the National Weather Service.

"Models indicate no end in sight for the foreseeable future as this anomalously warm regime is expected to continue through mid-month," the weather service said.

Rain and scattered showers on Sunday, Oct. 10 will keep the high temperature in the mid 60s, but from Columbus Day on Monday, Oct. 11 through week's end on Saturday, Oct. 16, the high temperature is expected to be 70 degrees more each day.

The highest temperatures are expected Thursday, Oct. 14, and Friday, Oct. 15, with temps hitting the mid to upper 70s amid mostly sunny skies both days.

For projected temperatures in this region for the next six to 10 days, click on the second image above.

It's a very different story in the far west.

"A potent, winterlike storm is forecast to spread from the Northwest and across the Rockies this week and deliver widespread accumulating snowfall," AccuWeather said. "It may turn into a race to see which of Colorado's ski resorts can open for the ski season first, as accumulating snow and temperatures low enough to start up the snow machines are expected."

For a look at areas in the Rockies where 12 to 24 inches of snow is expected Monday, Oct. 11 through Wednesday, Oct. 13, click on the third image above.

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they can barely predict weather for the next day how are we supposed to believe you can predict whether three or four or five days and beyond?

Calvin Zippler

warm weather in some areas and snow in other area is the norm, and has been since the earth started having weather. Years ago most of the east cost was below sea level and what now is desert was once dense Forrest, ice covered much of the globe at one time too. That all is normal for planet earth.


The next one is always the worst. especially made for TV news. " stay tuned for tomorrow will be much worse" your life may depend on it...we know ours does.


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