Jake Paul thinks Tyson Fury has ‘finally earned the chance’ to fight him after Deontay Wilder victory


YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul has weighed in on Tyson Fury’s fight with Deontay Wilder on Saturday after the Gypsy King stopped the Bronze Bomber in the 11th round of the contest.

The third bout between the pair saw Fury retain his WBC title, with the fighter saying the match was “worthy of any trilogy in the history of the sport”.

Naturally, Paul, another high-profile name in the sport right now, was quick to take to Twitter to share his thoughts on the result.

“I think Tyson Fury might have finally earned the chance to fight me,” he wrote.

Paul is yet to fight a professional boxer, however, with his previous opponents being fellow YouTuber Ali Al-Fakhri (known online as AnEsonGib); former basketball player Nate Robinson and mixed martial artists Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

He has won all four fights, but this hasn’t stopped Twitter from ridiculing his challenge to Fury:

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Fury is yet to respond to Paul’s comments, but who knows, maybe this could be the fight where Paul fights, you know, an actual boxer.

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Lol this guy is a joke. i guess this is how he makes his money and goofballs of society help him. He is nothing more than a side show. Fight a real boxer and then talk to us. Fury or wilder would Paul in a comma.

Bryan Purcell

Jake Paul has fought nobody remotely relevant in boxing what so ever!! It's nothing more then another loud mouth trying to get paid...except it sounds good but Paul will never fight a REAL calibur fighter and he knows it!


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