Liverpool Are Amongst Premier League Clubs Including Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City To Complain About Newcastle Takeover


Liverpool and the 18 other clubs in the Premier League have arranged an 'emergency meeting' to discuss Newcastle United's takeover.

Newcastle United's takeover has sent shockwaves throughout the Premier League.

With the amount of money Newcastle now sit on, they could easily, in a few years be a force to be reckoned with.

Just Manchester City. They've gone from being unknown around Europe to 1 of the most feared teams in Europe. Just be having a wealthy but ambitious owner.

Newcastle already have a big fanbase and are quite well known across the globe. From having players such as Alan Shearer and David Ginola, they have built a popular reputation.

Via Email, Thursday evening the rest of the Premier League were notified of the takeover being completed.

Not so long after, the Premier League released a statement saying that the deal was done and that they have been assured that the Suadi Arabian government will have nothing to do with it.

The takeover also sparked much controversy with human rights organisations.

LFCTR Verdict

With the league already having teams such as Manchester City and Chelsea with unlimited funds. I dont think Newcastle being taken over ruins football as such.

Unli Manchester City, Newcastle have am already established big fanbase. So for them to succeed it wouldn't feel as unjust.

We as fans complain about the Premier League acceptg owners that just care about business and not actually doing well with the football team.

This week we got rid of an owner who cared about money and money only. The new owners seem like that they want to invest in Newcastle with ambition.

Its hard to get into the human rights side as we know very little about what happens and who is involved.

I just hope these people that come in are decent people and want to do right not only for Newcastle but the Premier League .

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