Jim Acosta Asks Yang Why He Did Tucker Carlson Show: ‘He’s Just a Bad Person’ Who Spouts ‘White Nationalist Talking Points’

Cover picture for the articleCNN anchor Jim Acosta grilled former presidential candidate Andrew Yang for granting Tucker Carlson an interview recently, and failing to call him out when he offered praise for the Unabomber. On Saturday afternoon’s edition of CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta, Acosta concluded his interview with Yang by asking him...

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Art VanDelay

Yang has the guts to be honest on a news station hostile to his views, gotta' hand him that even though I disagree with his political views.

Michael Evans

CNN is what's wrong with News . Acosta is the worst. News isn't News anymore. The news people when was growing up just read the news .That left it up to the public to decide if it was horseshit or the truth. Basically everything CNN puts out is horseshit

David Norris

Tucker didn't assault a female reporter trying to keep the mic at a press conference, wished they would watch themselves and just see how childish they behave when it comes to putting down Fox


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