Former WWE Star Says He Could Manhandle Brock Lesnar With Ease

Cover picture for the articleBrock Lesnar has spent his career dominating opponents, and he’s considered by many to be one of the most intimidating individuals on the planet. However, it seems that former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback isn’t intimidated by Brock as he recently posted the following tweet claiming that he could “manhandle” The...

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everyone forgets that brock was an allstar wrestler in college, believe NCAA champ. he's not a kurt angle by any means but ryback doesnt have anything for him but strength with barely any actual wrestling skills. Lesnar is also an mma fighter along with said wrestling skills. ryback cant seriously believe he would beat him so I'm chalking this one up as trying to stay relevant because there isnt a single promotion that wants him.

Anno Lucem

Brock would destroy him in a fight and he has fully recovered from his stomach condition also is bigger and stronger than he has ever been. Him fighting Brock would be an assisted suicide.

Adam Pierce

i see he waited until the end of lesnars career to start jawing. i like ryback but in a real fight he would get smashed


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