Covid vaccines will be cleared from your body just in mere days or weeks

Cover picture for the articleAs Australia strives to reach its national COVID vaccination targets, there’s unprecedented focus on the biological effects of vaccines. While there’s an enormous amount of information available online, it’s increasingly difficult to discern truth from falsehood or even conspiracy. A common myth of vaccines that has appeared in recent...

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I-95 Yankee

Nobody believes that nonsense! A vaccine staying in your body for years lol, it’s like saying the polio vaccine is in your body giving you a life long immunity. No, it’s the live virus that gets an immune response that produces the antibodies that are now part of your immune arsenal. However, the Covid vaccine mRNA spike protein is what Dr. Robert Malone, one of the inventors of mRNA technology, said could cause complications when the spike doesn’t stay where it is intended. If it goes to the brain, heart, other vital organ and causes an issue, months or years later, it could be a medical emergency for that individual.

doreene close

I've never seen such a twisting of science and truth-EVER. These GENE THERAPY drugs set a spike protein manufacturing system in motion, could be indefinitely, who knows. We are the stage 3 trials.


so if it wears off so quickly the vax card is useless. no need to show your card to get on a plane, travel, go to a gym, dinner etc. oh wait... the only reason was for all to comply so they could see how far the American people will be pushed and bullied into the vac. they never figured there would be so much resistance. the longer we have 2 large control groups ( vax vs unvax) the more they will try everything to persuade the unvax. we will start seeing the effects of the vac. and that is what they are afraid of.


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