The US cannot defend Taiwan, and China knows it

Cover picture for the articleThe US is playing a dangerous game of putting a public face on a policy of defending Taiwan from China, for which it has zero capability to implement. Following a recent escalation of tensions between Beijing and Taipei, Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed on Saturday to pursue "reunification" with Taiwan by...

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David Bryan

this defeatist article is written for one purpose --- to hand Taiwan over to Communist China without US. intervention. America should by no means give in to fear ------- It is a blatant lie that the US. would only have a nuclear option.We could respond in many different and productive ways ------ submarines could blow amphibious invasion craft to kingdom come also B2 bombers could bomb the invasion fleet without radar detection meanwhile having the support of the UK and Australia ---- which would be minimal but helpful --- the real question is does our senile old president have the intestinal fortitude for the decisive military action called for China must be made to believe that he does or war is inevitable China will not invade if she thinks it will mean war with the US. They remember thevl US. response to Pearl Harbor it took a while,but we came out victorious and we're much better prepared for war than we were them--- against a veteran and experienced for which China is not.

scooter mcclevis

the writer of this article 4got to mention Japan and Australia/New Zealand are right there in the region and have promised to defend Taiwan so that gives time for U.S. to jump in.

Chris Nelms

not with the troops we currently have over there right now but if China dares to kill one of our US troops over there than China will have a big problem on their hands


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