‘NCIS’: Gibbs Has ‘Deadliest Catch’ Vibes As He Heads To Alaska

Season 19 of NCIS is officially here, just in time for fall. And if you caught the previous episode, you know that Special Agent Gibbs is heading to Alaska.

It may sound like a fun vacation for Gibbs but that’s not at all what’s going on here. This isn’t going to be a fishing trip like we’d see on Deadliest Catch. Fans of the hit CBS military crime show have been on high alert thinking that Mark Harmon’s character may be leaving the show. Thankfully, however, the special agent in charge hasn’t said his goodbye to fans just yet. But the episode on Monday night is definitely making some fans worry.

In the meantime, what we do know is that Gibbs, Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), McGee (Sean Murray), and Knight (Katrina Law) found out that Sonova hired LeMere (Jason Wiles) to take out four people who were stopping them from constructing a copper mine in the state of Alaska. After they put everything together, Gibbs tells McGee to get his bags packed and get ready. The two were heading to Alaska as well.

But before they left, Gibbs had to make one last stop. The episode ends as Gibbs stands over the graves of Shannon and Kelly. And it looks like there is a plot made specifically for him as well. The screen then instantly cuts to black.

The official NCIS Twitter account tweeted out a photo on Friday afternoon. It shows Gibbs and McGee standing out on a pier on the water. It’s definitely giving us Deadliest Catch vibes but we are preparing ourselves for the worst before the next episode. Take a look down below:

“Grab your gear — we’re headed to Alaska. #NCIS”

Fans React to ‘NCIS’ Alaska Trip

It goes without saying that NCIS without Mark Harmon would make for a completely different show. After all, Harmon has played the fan-favorite character of Leroy Jethro Gibbs for an astounding 19 seasons now. We have seen him lead his different teams over the years with the utmost leadership and grace. With all of the turnover when it comes to different cast members, Gibbs has always been the one constant fans can depend on.

That’s why fans of the show are so worried about losing Gibbs. If that were to happen, it’s almost like we would all be losing a father figure in a way. That thought in itself has fans of the show on Twitter upset.

“Him visiting Shannon and Kelly with his name on the tombstone?” one fan asked. “What’s that supposed to mean? Is that foreshadowing? DON”T KILL GIBBS I BEG Y’ALL.”

“Oh no! NO!” another person exclaimed on Twitter. “Please tell me that the graves of Shannon and Kelly aren’t a clue of Gibbs’ future! Please, DON”T KILL HIM!!”

We’ll have to wait until Monday to find out what happens next.

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