North Carolina Teacher Resigns After Telling Black Student Without Constitution, They Would Be Her Field Slaves

Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise
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A North Carolina teacher told Black students in her class that if not for the Constitution, they would have been her field slaves. According to WITN, Annastasia Ryan, the principal of Winterville Charter Academy accepted the resignation of the teacher and sent a memo to parents of eighth graders, stating a...

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Audrey Higgins

She should have been fired and not able to resign.For all you racist people talking about the constitution it's just a piece of paper because none of the have respect for it. It's also true that this country was stolen from its original Native human being.So karma is back🤨

George Polacek

she spoke the truth if it wasn't for the constitution we would all be slaves to a tyrannical government and if you don't have any respect for the Constitution then you are un-American and need to find another country to live in ⚜️✝️

art logue

Once again the left punishes somebody for telling the truth. History and the truth are not necessarily pleasant. But that doesn't mean we should ignore it. If the teacher was correct in saying if it wasn't for the Constitution, blacks would still be slaves. If after all it was constitutional law that set them free.


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