James Carville: 'Trump's in legal trouble. Don't kid yourself.'


Cover picture for the articleAs Democrats try to to get the Biden agenda passed...

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HE can be arrested, sued or the ABBOT rule of inherent power- YES congress has the right to say he is a criminal and sent the Abbot vigilantes. That may not be civil for any one but a GUN HAPPT rogue state. :The power of the Congress to conduct investigations is inherent in the legislative process" and that "[it] is unquestionably the duty of all citizens to cooperate with the Congress and has been made criminal not to honor subpoenas and answer questions as not honoring the subpoenas. OUR Congress been authorized for investigation to do so. The constitution gives federal authority to congressional rules empower all its standing committees with the authority to compel witnesses to produce testimony and documents for subjects under its jurisdiction. The investigation, subpoenas, purpose, subjects, witness, and scope serve and are of a "a valid legislative purpose". Empowered by the constriction and part of the amendment powers. Bannon is not protected BY TRUMP n

Leo Judice

the whole crew should go to prison then he will keep his mouth closed for good. the prisoners in prison don't take s_ _t from no one. he will be someone's b_ _ _ _h

John Laing

The world knows that Donald Trump and his family are criminals and he is a master in delaying everything he says or does so they don't put him in Jail yet. Donald Trump knows that the moment he is charged with these crimes and they put him in Jail, all that money he stole from all these rallies, he will have to give it back plus the Foriegn Countries that he owes, he has to pay too. These are the reasons why Donald Trump does not want to lose the Election, the longer he stays in the White House, no one can touch him. Think America, that's how a Con Artist works.


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