Royal Insiders Are Reportedly Very Worried Prince Harry Might Name the "Royal Racist" in His Memoir

Cover picture for the articleToday in royal gossip: Prince Harry's memoir is apparently worrying TF out of the royal inner circle. This isn't really anything new; since Harry announced he was writing a memoir, the royal gossip machine has been buzzing with reports that no one in The Firm is happy with the decision. Usually,...

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Brenda Wolfe

this was blown out of proportion on purpose...Megan wants 'poor me'...she could have married Harry and lived the way Royals live...otherwise DON'T marry a royal. Oooooo what a tangled web we weave..when 1st we practice to deceive 🤯🥵

christine w

They have long since stopped worrying about what will come out of their mouths after most of what they said to Oprah was exposed as lies~very publicly ~very embarrassing for Meagan and her ball and chain.

Cathy Scanlon Bond

just because a person questions what color their baby's skin may be does not make you a racist. we question a future baby's skin color, eye color, hair color, hair type, etc with every pregnancy. Deliberately making a mountain out of a molehill. She has played every card she could to get sympathy. The timing of the supposed miscarriage announcement was strange on several counts, also.


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