Gene Simmons’ Wife Suffers Nasty Injury

Shannon Tweed Simmons, the wife of Kiss bassist Gene Simmon, shared a photo of her battered foot after she fell recently. She said she took a tumble but didn’t give any other details about the accident.

The actress posted a photo of her swollen and bruised foot in an orthopedic boot to Instagram.

“Took a tumble today. Should be real pretty tomorrow,” she wrote. “My ankle is the size of my knee but it’s my back that is killing me!”

It’s the second time in the last month that she’s shared a scary health update with fans. Early in September, Tweed Simmons posted a photo of a cut stitched closed on her forehead.

“Woke up with a #shiner this morning,” she wrote on the post. “I had a cyst removed to be sent to pathology. I’ll let you know how that goes. But I thought since it was growing maybe I shouldn’t wait till it’s a golf ball! Ha!,” she wrote. She added the hashtag #AintAgingGrand.

It’s doesn’t appear that she’s updated fans on her diagnosis.

Gene Simmons Also Had a Recent Health Scare

Gene Simmons also had a health scare recently when he contracted COVID-19. Doctors diagnosed the Kiss rocker in late August. Simmons, who is vaccinated, said he quarantined and only had mild symptoms. Lead singer Paul Stanley also contracted the virus around the same time. Out of precaution, Kiss postponed four tour dates, WMGK reported. They returned to the road in early September.

But the pandemic did have an upside for Gene Simmons. The life-long artist said after the band put their tour on hold in 2020, he was able to compile the drawings and paintings he has done throughout his life, Rolling Stone reported. Simmons will showcase his artworks at Venetian’s Animazing Gallery in Las Vegas starting Oct. 21.

“Moving to the United States from Israel as a young boy, I didn’t speak English,” Simmons said. “I fell in love with comics and American television, and they not only helped me learn the language but inspired creativity and a passion for drawing and painting.

“I started doodling and drawing when I was eight years of age,” he continued. “And as a teenager, I had hundreds of illustrations [under the name Gene Klein] published in fanzines created by and for sci-fi and comic book enthusiasts.”

He cited Jackson Pollack and Andy Warhol as inspirations. He got to meet and watch Warhol work before the pop artist’s death in 1987.

“I have had no professional training. I just like to draw and paint. But I don’t always know where I‘m going, and then all of a sudden, I’m on my way,” Simmons told Rolling Stone. “I have great respect and admiration for art and artists, and I’m excited that people like the work that has resulted from what I consider to be my lifelong hobby.”

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A E Conway

You may not like Gene Simmons but he is one of the cleanest rock musicians out there - no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. Wouldn’t hurt to make nice comments.

Kellie Clay

not being mean but the celebrities post everything and you never hear them going out of their way for fans and just regular people who made the millions for them

Francisco Aguirre

Hope she feels better Gene , used to watch your show , loved it from Chula Vista , Ca. you should bring that show back .


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