Gabby Petito’s mother reveals where she thinks Brian Laundrie is right now

Cover picture for the articleGabby Petito’s mother has an idea of where Brian Laundrie might be right now — and it’s not in Florida’s Carlton Reserve. Fox News senior correspondent Laura Ingle recently spoke with Petito’s mother and father, Nicole Schmidt and Joe Petito, as well as her stepmother and stepfather, Tara Petito and Jim...

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Patience Myers

she didn't commit suicide they said it was a homicide... this story so wrong...the coroner hasn't even read off how she died there holding a press conference today people find out.

Linda Morgan

i cant believe people are arguing about misspelling words she was murdered by her so called boy friend if he didnt then where is he and why hasn't he come forward and talk to cops or fbi because hes gulity and his parents helped him get away and for his parents io take down her pictures flowers cause they couldnt look knowing what he did.

Pat Porter Dunner McGovern

Please correct this article where it states that her death was ruled a SUICIDE. That is incorrect. It was ruled a HOMICIDE.


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