Former Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith New Salary With Packers: $770,000


After the surprising news that linebacker Jaylon Smith would be cut, questions began to swirl as to why the Dallas Cowboys would part ways with one of its once-promising future stars.

We now have one answer: Early Thursday morning, Smith finalized his new deal - a one-year contract - with the Green Bay Packers. And more, we have the dollar figure in Green Bay: Per NFL Network ... $770,000.

The suggestion here, by the way, is that there is not much if any "offset-language'' relief for Dallas, which is stuck with the $7.2 million bill.

In 2019, Smith signed a five-year, $64 million contract extension with the Cowboys with $35.5 million guaranteed, keeping him under contract through 2024.

If the Cowboys kept Smith in 2022 and he were to sustain a season-ending injury, his contract would be fully guaranteed next season, costing the team $11.2 million.

By releasing him Monday, the Cowboys still were to owe Smith $6.8 million in dead cap next season. ... but there is offset language in his deal that can save Dallas some money depending on his Green Bay salary.

The team is also investing its future in first-round pick Micah Parsons, who has looked phenomenal in his first four games of his NFL career. And rookie Jabril Cox is in play here as well.

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Cutting Smith is disappointing considering how valuable he once was to the Cowboys, but this proves how quickly things change in the NFL and how shocking moves come with its fair share of pros and cons.

In this episode of the "Locked On Cowboys" Podcast, hosts Marcus Mosher and Landon McCool discuss the Cowboys releasing Smith and why they made the move now.

Plus, they review their notes after watching the All-22 film in Week 4. They discuss Connor Williams and Zack Martin vs. Panthers, how the Cowboys deployed Micah Parsons.

Marcus and Landon deal with all that more on this episode of "Locked On Cowboys." Join us here!

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joe harris

Add that 700+ to the money the cowboys still owe for this season and he's good. This is why players NEED TO/SHOULD look out for themselves first when it comes to their contracts( even though the money is coming from their own soc. sec. account anyway) before the team. The owners are more interested in lining their own pockets than team success. Why shouldn't the players be the same way?

troublemaker 12

That’s a hellva cut from millions but I guess he had to play somewhere. He’ll always be a Cowboy, and best wishes for him forward

Leroy Hubbard

Jerry Jones is so rich that letting Jaylon Smith go was no big deal. I personally hope he show out on the football field and be a very good player.


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