The US is preparing for a war with China as new bombshell report confirms US Marine Special Ops forces have been in Taiwan for over a year

Cover picture for the articleOn Monday, Taiwan said that China sent a record-smashing 52 PLA jets to breach its southwest defense zone. For two consecutive days, China has violated Taiwan’s airspace by flying military jets into Taiwan’s air defense zone unannounced. Last Friday, China also flew two separate sorties flew into Taiwan’s airspace....

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well way to go wall st. journey thanks for giving up anything that puts U.S. troops in danger ..... let's just say that used to be called treason now it's called news ....

kenneth h

They said months ago they would show up at our doorstep soon and that they will win. What you see of China is just the surface. They aren't showing their full hand of cards

Ronnie Loveday

How would Wall Street know about this and who gave consent for them to publish this to the public and the world.. this is a breach of secrecy by them and should be held accountable for their stupidity and actions.. very dangerous to the USA and our country and especially our military in harms way .. where is old joe and the dept of justice in regards to this .. this needs to be handled immediately!!


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