Charlie Sheen's child support ruling has left Denise Richards' husband Aaron Phypers 'heartbroken': report

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleDenise Richards' husband is equally as upset as she is about the recent drama between her and her ex Charlie Sheen, according to a source. On Monday, a judge ruled that after one of their daughters moved in with the "Two and a Half Men" alum, 56, he would no longer...

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David Atkinson

So he marries a woman getting exorbitant child support from her ex husband and now has to help support his step kids. I guess that money train ran out for him

Christopher Joyce

.step dad hates it when the family court justly stops child support. my daughter graduated college I payed for living in an apartment I pay for and driving a car I pay for. Her mother's husband actual spoke in court to the judge about they can't afford to care for thier kids without My 2200 monthly child support . Never seen a judge loose thier cool like she did on him. Needless to say no more child support and getting a check for 6600 to boot.

some where in nj

why would she say after all she has done for him? it has nothing to do with favors. it is support for the child. did they really think that Charlie should continue paying these 2 for a child that he has in his home? ridiculous! and yeah sure the husband is only upset because his wife is upset...sure Bob. that nice chunk of money they are no longer getting must hurt. does Denise have to pay Charlie support now?


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