"Mom I'm scared": Viral photo shows terrified texts a son sent his mom during the Texas school shooting

CBS News
CBS News

Cover picture for the articleA photo shows a string of terrified text messages a mother received from her son on Wednesday morning during a shooting at his high school in Arlington, Texas. Four people were injured in the shooting, including three who were hospitalized, and the suspect was taken into custody. A screenshot...

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No kid should have to deal with this. They are already dealing with enough as it is, running for their lives should not be 1 ofthem. Doesn't matter the race, this needs to stop.

Janine Baculik

Kids are copy catting Where I live children are bringing guns to school 2 Days a kindergarten brought a gun to school Instead of bringing guns They should bring The scriptures in (whatever religion) they follow and read Oh I forgot No praying in school allowed That's what wrong with Our country now There taking GOD out

Yolanda Cortina

it doesn't matter if white black Mexican or any other race, there should not be guns in school and it is sad that a shooting can be brought down to race. This is a scary situation and I am greatly relieved that there were no more casualties then there was and sadly wish there were none. 😢😳😓


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